Competence for community housing projects

We support individuals and groups in making their vision of a community housing project come true. Our clients are future residents of co-housing projects as well as experts, architects, promoters, builders or investors of alternative forms of housing. We provide competent support in all decisions.

Ecological residential communities that connect generations

Alternative forms of living in a multigenerational style are not only beneficial for the individual. Living together is also increasingly in demand in the development of cities and regions and ensures neighbourhoods with a high quality of life for all residents. Nouma participatory housing projects are always based on self-management, solidarity, civic engagement and ecology.


  • Support during the entire co-design process (e.g. project development, development of a joint charter)
  • Search for persons/marketing
  • Support with technical or legal questions ( real estate research, architecture, financing)
  • Calculation per person and time spent
  • Follow-up support for residents after moving in


  • Declaration of intent between Nouma and the supported person to ensure sustainability.
  • Upon realisation of a project, Nouma receives a lump sum for construction/renovation.
  • If desired, Nouma offers further support to ensure long-term success.

About Nouma

Nouma was founded in Luxembourg in 2016 and has been run as a non-profit community (SIS) since 2020. The Nouma team supports and accompanies both individuals who are interested in multi-generational living and groups who want to offer alternative housing projects. Nouma offers competent advice on planning and implementation for all project stages.