Lösungen für Netto-Nullenergiegebäude

Jedes unserer Projekte ist maßgeschneidert und nutzt komplementäre Produkte aus unserem Portfolio. Wir erreichen eine optimale Energieleistung innerhalb des Gebäudes, die einen Return of Investment für jeden unserer Kunden sichert.

Unsere Leistung basiert auf der Maximierung intelligenter Technologien, die einen konzeptionellen Mehrwert in einem aus drei Elementen bestehenden System bieten:

Produkte und Dienstleistungen


Firstly, we evaluate the energy capabilities of an existing or planned building. We then use our technologies to propose a plan which will in turn translate, based on technical and economical data, into an ROI. Then using our expertise, we execute the plan so that your building will begin to generate energy and reap the rewards of our applied technologies.


We merge the applied technologies using our software and tools to produce electricity, then optimize the readout on easy to use devices that are common to everyone. Our software gives you the option to choose the most efficient program based on your needs. All you have to do is press OK. Once secured, we produce a management report based on daily output securing the system at all times.

You get a comprehensive E-report with quarterly updates on electricity generated that can be shared with local power companies that will entitle you to revenue.


Our associated companies manage all the local approvals and certifications necessary to make your building compliant. Our legal department clarifies all documentation to the customer in easy to read language. The new building can either save or begin to generate income based on the contract.