Mobile interior design in individual modules.
Efficient and ecological: A house entirely according to your wishes

Halzebatz is a transportable house in modular construction that you can use both for living and working.


Manage water consumption with the wecemat® adapter.
The worldwide patented adapter for toilet flushes

Until now, it was impossible to control water consumption when flushing the toilet. With wecemat® you can now save up to 30 percent flushing water.


Environmentally friendly water treatment to protect your system. Highest water quality thanks to patented active anode technology.

With AQUABION® water treatment you protect water pipes, household appliances, sanitary facilities and fittings. AQUABION® works without electricity, without chemicals and without magnets.


Solutions for net zero-energy-buildings
Production – Management – Certificates

Photovoltaics, solar thermal, micro-wind, heating systems, smart storage


Ecological and participative living from 50 onwards
Competence for intergenerational housing projects

We support individuals and groups in making their vision of a community housing project come true.