Efficient and environmentally friendly:
A house entirely according to your wishes.

Halzebatz is a transportable house in modular construction that you can use for both living and working. Halzebatz comes in four sizes from 18.27 to 85.9 m2. You simply choose from our modules and a few weeks later your modern habitat is in place.

Timeless aesthetics meets
Cradle to Cradle

Halzebatz excels in economical spatial concepts. You have the land – we supply the house. In a captivating interplay of long-lasting materials, the design convinces with a no-frills look.


  • Flexible use: office or living space
  • Reduced assembly and production time thanks to ready delivery
  • Use of the sustainable building material wood
  • Resource-saving due to low CO2 consumption


The mobile Halzebatz® houses are available in four module packages.

An individual combination of the modules allows for a living or working environment that is precisely adapted to your requirements.

All interfaces are designed for mobility. No special equipment is required for dismantling, assembly and transport.

The manufacturer

Halzebatz is the result of Pit Streicher’s collaboration with BANICE ARCHITECTES and AWOODGROUP, who specialise in minimalist designs for homes and office buildings. BANICE ARCHITECTES see themselves as visionary idea generators who combine aesthetics with technological precision. They have won several international awards and have convinced a discerning public with their designs that are designed to last.

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Halzebatz® – Packages

One module

Net area: 18.27 m2
Gross area: 26.55 m2

Two modules

Net area: 42.35 m2
Gross area: 53.10 m2

Three modules

Net area: 62.73 m2
Gross area:75.85 m2

Four modules

Net area: 85.90 m2
Gross area: 102.49 m2

Individual configuration

We will advise you personally on your individual module configuration.

Please contact our staff for this purpose.