Highest water quality due to patented active anode technology

Water pipes, household appliances, sanitary facilities and fittings are heavily polluted by the high lime content in water – this can be expensive. With AQUABION® water treatment you can protect your home. AQUABION® works without electricity, without chemicals and without magnets. Our reliable AQUABION® technology also saves you ongoing maintenance.

Protect your water quality and your facilities – with AQUABION®.

Das AQUABION®-System zur Wasserbehandlung lässt sich auch nachträglich in Haushalte, Gewerbe und Industrie integrieren.

The AQUABION® system for water treatment can also be retrofitted into households, businesses and industry.


  • Patented galvanisation technology
  • 5-year guarantee
  • No mineral loss: minerals and hardness of the water are preserved
  • Professional installation by licensed ION installers
  • Suitable for residential and commercial buildings


  • Galvanic process
  • Self-cleaning, high-purity zinc anode binds the CaCo3
  • Whirling body made of stainless steel, which supports the effect of the AQUABION®.
  • Metal housing made of brass
  • Pressure-resistant up to 16 bar PN 16
  • Easy installation thanks to rotatable DIN bottles
  • TÜV-tested, DVGW-tested materials
  • Use of recyclable materials according to TVO guideline (AVBWasserV)
  • Series sizes flanged: DN 50 – DN 250
  • Special sizes flanged: up to DN 1000

The manufacturer

Founded in 1990 in Düsseldorf by Managing Director Marc Flettner, ION Deutschland GmbH has developed into a successful family business. In 2002, Flettner launched the AQUABION® system, which was internationally patented in 2009.

AQUABION® treats water without chemicals and contributes to environmental protection with over 200,000 installations.


AQUABION® – Application areas



Pipes become blocked, expensive fittings, household appliances, washing machines or dishwashers calcify and cause costly damage to the house or the appliances themselves.

The modern, environmentally friendly water treatment – completely without electricity, without ongoing maintenance, without chemicals and no magnets. The hardness in the water is not reduced! The minerals remain in the water!


The small water treatment system with a big effect: That is the AQUABION® Mini.

Especially for rented and owner-occupied flats where the installation of a central water treatment system is not possible.

Fine Filter

For water that should not only be clear, but pure.

The high-performance filters we recommend remove even the smallest particles from the water, can be backwashed manually or automatically and ensure the longevity and functional reliability of fittings.

The quality is impeccable and complies with legal protection standards such as DIN 1988 and the new DIN EN 806 for the operation of drinking water installations.

Filter ION-LECK-STOP Combi –
Quickly assembled safety

The filter LECK-STOP Kombi offers effective leakage protection: With state-of-the-art electronics, the device monitors the water supply in the house.

If an unusually high water withdrawal – for example in the case of a burst pipe – or a low, regular water withdrawal – e.g. constant dripping – is measured, the LECK-STOP immediately shuts off the entire pipe system and the consequences of water damage are minimised.